This thing was created just for one reason, actually just for 5 reasons: DBSK. (ok, sometimes I rant about other things, this is very rare thou).

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George Takei,

You rule. 

George Takei is a beautiful human being.

I love George Takei!

George Takei being amazing and mocking these sad, pathetic bigoted idiots in his glorious style

It is the best thing


I’m not even sorry for putting this on my blog. This is perfect.

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Very slight spoilers under the cut, about something I noticed. (It’ll be shown next episode.)

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I think this has to do with the fact that when he had his match with Hinata, his team seemed invincible. Like they hadn’t lost even one single match (yet). But after this, in the anime they show a headline “Bittersweet defeat…” (or something like that). Which means, that Kageyama’s team lost. They lost while they had the king in his team. Kageyanma lost even though he was the King at that moment. After that, people probably said bad things like “Even though he’s the King, he lost, guess the King wasn’t that strong?” and such. Which probably make Kageyama really frustrated and angry at himself, at his team and at everyone. That’s why, when he meets with Hinata again, and he calls him “the King”, he gets really mad, because he remembers all those feelings and his lost.

// I’m probably wrong, because, well, I just watched ep 1 of the anime, and have not read the manga whatsoever (personal decision).

Nop, I don’t hate manga, I love manga, BUT once I start reading the manga, I get overexcited and pretty much obsessed, so I end up reading all and after I finish it till the last release chapter, I stop watching the anime. That happen to me with Magi, after I finish reading, I didn’t feel like watching the anime anymore. That’s why, I decided to watch the anime instead. Same with KnB.

I want a long term relationship with these series, besides I already have lots of mangas in stand by, waiting for the next release, and I don’t want to add another two.         

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Yuzuru Hanyu Super Stars on Ice in Sapporo

Yuzuru Hanyu Super Stars on Ice in Sapporo

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